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    Industrial Automation and Control Technology

    Pan Asian MicroVENT has an independent team of specialists specializing in the design and manufacture of specialized machinery automation equipment, industrial robotics applications and industrial controls.

    1. Detailed information

          Our company researches and develops high-speed precise die-cutting machine ourselves based on foreign advanced equipment, which can apply to all kinds of die-cutting process, such as plastic membrane, rubber products, foam materials and various types of bonding, cushioning, insulation, and conductive materials. To fulfill die-cutting process requirements for different material, our machine is equipped with flat knitting machine feeding system for clients to choose, which can process coil and strip materials. In order to ensure efficient and precise die-cutting, the machine carries servo digital control system with core components like imported ball screw, rolling guide and other precise machinery parts. Further more, the machine carries electric adjustment mechanism which can critically adjust the template spacing; high-speed electric clamping template loading mechanism which can make a very quick change of different sizes of templates; and the main control box is applied with true-color touchable screen, user-friendly operation interface, processing procedures can be accessed at any time, changing settings, speed adjusting and counting are all very convenient.  

          Relying on industrial automation control technology, Pan Asian MicroVENT continuously updates the equipment, successfully achieved reasonable and efficient configuration of man-machine interface, inverter, PLC and other components which helps achieve the purpose of controlling various parameters in the production process, ultimately meets the high quality and high performance requirements of products request by clients.

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