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Material Manufacturing Technology

The e-PTFE and micro-nano porous aerogel materials empoldered by our company have excellent physical properties. Related products have a very wide range of applications in not only automotive but also electronic and many other fields. Pan Asian MicroVENT has a team formed by professionals, which can provide clients the most professional technical solutions.

  1. Detailed information

Technology of e-PTFE membrane preparation

The technology is the patent core technology of the company and is in the leading position in the industry.

The application fields are widened by e-PTFE membrane’s  chemical inertness, heat stability, UV aging resistance and biocompatibility. Microporous e-PTFE membrane is ideal material used in many fields such as clothing, medical filtration, air permeability and many other fields.




Aerogels are the world's smallest solids in the world, with a density of only 2.75 times as dense as air density.

Aerogels are porous materials with nano porous structure. They are low thermal conductivity, low refractive index, low elastic modulus, low density, low acoustic impedance, high temperature resistance and flame retardancy.

Aerogel products can be used in space, central heating, centralized cooling, petroleum, natural gas, chemical industry, construction, transportation, metallurgy, electronics, environmental protection and other fields.

Aerogel material has been widely applied in the field of high-speed rail train insulation, sound insulation, automotive engine insulation, cold storage, refrigerated vehicle cold protection, solar collector, tent, insole, down coat, climbing shoes and other fields.

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