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    External R & D Cooperation

    External R & D cooperation is an important means to promote the company's scientific and technological progress and independent innovation, which plays an important role in the independent innovation strategy.

    1. Detailed information

    Pan Asian MicroVent effectively mobilizes all kinds of innovative resources to enhance the company's innovation ability. According to our company’s development strategies and the market demand, Pan Asian MicroVENT has established a close cooperation relationship with many experts of famous universities and research institutions and has organized and implemented cross-border cooperation, integration and innovation, which significantly enhances the company’s capabilities of developing new products and new technologies.

    Through the cooperation of researching and developing with external experts, PanAsian MicroVENT has trained a contingent of highly qualified technologists who   devote themselves to prospective development of world-class new technology,new craftwork and new material, which is the source of the innovation and drivesthe development of the company’s intellectual property.


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