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    Applications and Solutions for Consumer Electronics Industry

    Pan Asian MicroVENT has core professional technologies in the field of consumer electronics industry for ventilation, acoustical transmission, electromagnetic shielding, thermal conductivity and thermal insulation, which can provide our clients professional and technical solutions.

    1. Detailed information

    Wearable Electronic Equipment Products

    The waterproof and breathable properties of e-PTFE membrane can beapplied to smart watches, sports bracelets, other outdoor wearableelectronic devices, speakers, microphones and leaks to achieve the goal ofwaterproof, dustproof, sound transmission and ventilation.

    - Characteristics of Ventilated Products of Pan Asian MicroVENT

    - Superior Dustproof Sealing Performance

    - Superior Acoustical Transmission and Ventilation Performance

    - Balance the Internal Pressure of the Product in Order to Operating Environment

    - Superior Waterproof Performance

    - Grease Proofing and Anti Chemical Infestation