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  1. OLED Desiccator Diaphragm Products
  2. OLED Desiccator Diaphragm Products

OLED Desiccator Diaphragm Products

The internal space of OLED display screen is very narrow, the special desiccant inside should be made of film patch in order to efficiently encapsulating and fleetly eliminating the harmful oxygen and moisture.

  1. Detailed information

When the OLED display screen is encapsulated, there is oxygen and microscale amount of moisture exist inside, which causes oxidation of the metal lines printed on the membrane made by organic materials, separates the organic membrane and electrode interface apart and finally leads to black spot on the OLED display screen or even black out. Therefore, the OLED display screen requires a special desiccant to rapidly eliminate harmful oxygen and moisture inside it and keep both of them under long-term control so that the OLED display screen can play the due and reliable performance during it’s life span.