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Pan Asian MicroVENT Market Counseling Bulletin

Pan Asian MicroVENT Tech (Jiangsu) Corporation intends to initial public offering of CNY denominated ordinary shares and listing come into the market, is now receiving counseling from Merchants Securities Co., Ltd..

According to the relevant requirements of China Securities Regulatory Commission, Pan Asian MicroVENT Tech (Jiangsu) Corporation is willing to accept the supervision and opinions from all walks of life and the public in order to enhance the transparency of stock issuance and listing, guard against the risks of defusing the securities market and protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors.

Now list the contact information and report phone numbers as follows:

Pan Asian MicroVENT Tech (Jiangsu) Corporation is sponsored by 14 natural persons such as Yun Zhang, Dongwei Zou and 4 legal persons such as Jiangsu Nanfang Bearing Co., Ltd. And Changzhou Saifu High-tech Venture Capital Center (limited partnership).

Banshang Village, Lijia Town, Wujin District

Legal Representative: Yun Zhang

Contact: Hongbing Lv

0519-85322191 Tel: 0519-85322191

0519-85313585  Fax: 0519-85313585

lvhongbing@microvent.com.cn E-mail: lvhongbing@microvent.com.cn

China Securities Regulatory Commission, Jiangsu Regulatory Authority

025-84575515    Tel: 025-84575515

( Address: No. 90 Zhongshan East Rd., Huatai Securities Building, 22  Floor, Nanjing (Zip Code: 210002)

Special Announcement

Pan Asian MicroVENT Tech (Jiangsu) Corporation

April, 16th, 2017